Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. By providing an opportunity for fishermen to collaborate, fishing will become a more enjoyable, easier, and safer activity. From the newest of beginners to the most seasoned veterans, NoveltyFish is your window into the soul of fishery.

Our Story

NoveltyFish was created by three siblings between 16 and 20 who have been fishing their entire lives. Having such a passion for fishing, we decided to invigorate that zeal by creating a worldwide fishing community.

Meet the Team

The three founders grew up together, and fishing has always been their passion. Carson is the oldest, Connor is the middle, and Catherine is the youngest.

Carson Christuk


Carson is a Division 1 swimmer, but still not as fast as the fish.

Connor Christuk


Connor likes to wear fedoras while fishing...

Catherine Christuk


Catherine has several pet fish of her own.

Next Steps...

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